And we are trademarked.

As I sit here writing this blog post, I can officially say out loud that my trademarks have been accepted and are registered with the USTPO.  That’s huge, y’all!   But…let’s take a step back so I can tell you what all that entailed and the timeline I was on to get to here.

Back in December of 2022 (Yes, almost 18 months ago) I submitted two trademark applications.  The first was for our company name 29 AND 11 and the other was for our colon “TE” logo.  I was careful to submit the name without any restrictions on size or color or font.  Just the name - 29 AND 11 to be used stylistically any way I wanted.  The other was a symbol mark - our double circle colon with the T in the top circle and the E in the lower.

I did A LOT of research online and also on the USPTO website to make sure that there was nothing out there in the same industry with a similar name or logo.  And this was done to be honest right at the beginning - when it was all just a concept.  I mean, no point getting married to some random name and then it be a no-go, right?  So when I was ready to submit, I studied as many similar submissions as possible and essentially just piggy backed on what had been submitted (And accepted before me).  I mean, I literally found the trademark applications and documents of a few other jewelry companies and followed suit (Shout out to Government agencies that require public disclosure of almost everything). Once the initial application was submitted, I sat back and waited.  For like 10 months.  Tick tock, people!!!

The USPTO mainly communicates with you in writing, and even if you do get a phone call from them (Which I did once) - it only shows up on your phone as USPTO.  Needless to say, I had been so spooked by all the fake calls and emails and junk mail that when they did call I was very skeptical to the point that the lady was like - well, you can wait for the email if you aren’t comfortable with this call.  What’s strange was that she was calling to confirm the application and basically was like - you did a good job even without an attorney.  Um, why should I believe that call??  LOL.  It was real in the end, and good thing my curt attitude didn’t penalize me somehow.

Cut to another month passing by and another email informing me that the trademarks would be published for opposition.  That means for a period of one month, anyone who wants to can stake a prior claim or oppose the mark you are trying to register.  The notice goes out in an official ‘gazette’ or online bulletin board of sorts.  And then it sits there.  And for a month you panic that someone is going to take issue with it.  If you manage to get through this period, another month passes and they inform you that you are required to submit a specimen of use.  SO LONG.  DYING PEOPLE.  

Let's go back to the initial registration - I registered with an ‘intent’ to use which means that while I wasn’t using the trademarks in commerce, I intended to in the future.  It’s a way to lay claim to something you intend to use in the future, and they give you 6 months to submit the specimen of  use to them for review or to request an extension.  Of course I submitted them the day I got the notice, because no way was I adding one more day to the clock than necessary.  They were pictures of my pendants with the logo stamp imprinted by the manufacturer on the back (As all my pendants will have) and then one with the name being used ‘in commerce’ or where goods could be purchased (A shop now page essentially where you could legitimately purchase the goods).

Adding on another month for good measure (Because….why hurry this along?!?!) and I got an automated email telling me that my specimens had been accepted and that my trademarks would register (In about another month).  Here is where I want to insert a ‘WTF’ because - I can’t believe I actually did it, and another ‘WTF’ for it taking FOREVER.  But as a Government employee I know all too well about timelines and workloads.  So no point biting the hand that feeds you once the process is over. ;)

What this means to me is huge.  It means that 29 AND 11 is mine.  And while I won’t be shocked one day if someone tries to copy my designs or concepts, you’ll always know you have an original piece because everything I make will include our logo on it.  I’ll be able to take action on a Federal level against any imitators, and you can be assured that I will.  And as styles come go we’ll give 29 AND 11 updates and ‘facelifts’ to change with the times and we’ll be able to do that while still keeping it protected under the same registration.  So yes, I’m elated, thrilled, still in shock, and now a little tired.  
And now, it’s on to the next thing.

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