About Us

Who is 29 AND 11?

29 AND 11® was created to fill a religious niche through designing beautiful and original pieces of jewelry around specific biblical chapters and verses that resonate with people.   Whether the jewelry is a first step in an outward display of your faith, a symbol to others where you are in your spiritual journey, or a declaration of your previous and future journeys, we believe fiercely in supporting everyone’s walk of faith.  We are an imperfect company that is focused on our truest north which IS perfect.  29 AND 11 marries classic style with biblical verses of importance that represent hope, change, courage, faith, and much more.  Our pieces are timeless, are heirloom quality, and can stand alone or blend seamlessly into your existing style (or stack).   We are the first of our kind.  People so often associate religious jewelry with just a cross.  We want to give you more in terms of being able to show and share where you are in your journey of faith.

But who is 29 AND 11 really?

Hello.  It’s me.  (LOL).  I’m Haley and I’m the owner of and designer for 29 AND 11.  This is my 4th child if you will.  Mine are well out of diapers with the oldest behind the wheel and the 3rd entering teenage years.  Or so she thinks (She’s 9, and IYKYK).  I’m in the breathing room phase of life.  Diapers and cribs are gone, friends are where it’s at for them, and the house is all of a sudden quiet for more than 15 minutes.  It’s scary how fast it’s happening (But at the same time there are moments where I’m like…This is awesome and what is happening?!?!).   As I write this, I’m gainfully employed and have been with the same entity for almost 19 years.  Will I leave?  Hmmm….TBD on that one.  If you know me, then you know I’ve got an amazing thing going, but one that definitely doesn’t light the fire under me (So to speak).  

29 AND 11 is my heart and my soul.  It’s everything I hoped it would be even before it started.  I’m an introvert to the core (And everyone who knows me is eye rolling me about now).  But it’s true.  My happy place is a small bubble of people and saying no has only started to happen recently.  29 AND 11 is my ‘swerve’ if you will.  I’ll overshare here as much as my comfort level allows me, so consider me an open door!